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Polycom the market leader

US based Polycom is the teleconference market leader globally with a 40-45% market share for long years. Polycom brought to the market in the early 1990s the well-known icon product, the “starfish”-shaped SoundStation conference phone family that has a 90% global market share ever since.

Their portfolio expanded over the years with videoconference endpoint solutions, teleconference network components and the lately with high-quality desktop IP phones and wifi office handsets. The vendors’ market vision is to support solutions that are easier, higher quality and more user friendly within the IP based online voice, video and multimedia data transmission. According to telecommunication industry’s trends, Polycom is leader in merging Unified Communicative Collaboration (UCC) multivendor solutions for the real-time multipoint voice and video transmissions. It offers joint solutions with market giants like Microsoft, Avaya, Alcatel, Nortel, Cisco, Broadsoft, Sylantro, Netcentrex etc.

More: http://www.polycom.com/

Special offer
Polycom SoundPoint IP650
Polycom HDX8004
Polycom HDX4002
LifeSize Express
Polycom RMX2000
Polycom ReadiManager SE200
Polycom TPX (TelePresence eXperience)


National Information Infrastructure Development Agency (NIIFI); Hungarian army; Telemedicina – Croatian remote diagnostics network; General Electric; Slovak Telekom; Tata Consulting;


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